3D Tummy Tuck Program

Lose up to 5 inches in just 6 weeks*

i-Slimming Program

Intelligent technologies. Advanced slimming programs.


3D BottomSlim Program

Up to 2.5 inches cellulite reduction in just 1 visit*


the BIZZYBODY journey


Advanced iBCA Full Analysis

A breakthrough devise to measure body composition thoroughly with accurate and advanced sensors.


Assurance Programs

Malaysia’s 1st Assurance weight loss program with advanced technology treatment.


Specialized Supervision

Assurance specialists with years of experienced on obesity and overweight treatments.


Achieve Your Dream Size

Making the impossible possible. Result oriented programs with amazing success stories.




How Healthy Is Your Weight?

Calculate your BMI

View BMI Class
< 18.5Underweight
18.5 – 24.9Normal Weight
25.0 – 29.9Overweight
30.0 – 34.9Class I Obesity
35.0 – 39.9Class II Obesity
≥ 40.0  Class III Obesity  


 Success Stories

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Grace Yong

Weight Loss: – 18.9 kg

My Bizzy Body Assurance Specialist and her constant belief in me has made me a new person, with a new life and a new future.

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Anna Yee

Weight Loss: – 12.6 kg

With just lifestyle changes and the best slimming treatments at Bizzy Body, I couldn’t believe I got my college body back.

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Weight Loss: – 27.4 kg

Bizzy Body program has given me the strength to do something I never imagined I could, that is to shine with the highest self-esteem, as an emcee in front of large audiences.

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Nurul Shima

Weight Loss: – 8.4 kg

Thanks to the infectious enthusiasm of my Assurance Specialist, today I’m a healthy and happy mom and a proud role model to my two daughters.

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Triple Downsize Slimming

Triple Downsize Slimming

Get your exclusive Triple Downsize Slimming Program to triple your weight loss in just 3 simple steps.

Hello Mothers

Hello Mothers

Say goodbye to baby weight. Say hello to a new shaped up size and bodyline. Beautiful gifts for beautiful mothers every day.

3D Tummy Tuck Program

3D Tummy Tuck Program

Get trim with the latest 3D slimming technology with almost no effort. The only side effect you’ll see is a slimmer waistline!